The magpress

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Evolution of the French Press

Solves a Problem

It used to be a chore to make French Press Coffee or Tea. Easy clean-up and the ability to control your brewing process will make you look forward to using your French Press again. Plus the MagPress works with almost any standard size French Press.

Old Tech New Use

When the filter is depressed into the French Press, the bottom metal plate attaches to the MagPress device through a powerful neodymium magnet enabling you to remove/separate the grounds from the liquid. The magnet will never stop working or need to be re-charged.

Safety First

Very aware of what goes into our bodies, the MagPress will be manufactured with the highest quality, non-leaching, BPA free, food safe material available.  The prototype pictured in the video is actually 3D printed out of a tapioca starch material. No plastic.

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